I'm currently getting my MFA in Creative Writing (fiction). The 60+ credit program centers around the workshop where students submit their own work and critique their peer's work. Then there are seminars, lectures and master classes where I've learned about style, dialogue, building a scene, form, how to compile a short story collection, structure, plot, character, and much more. I'm currently working on a short story collection and a novel. 


Miami Ad School's account planning boot camp let me play in the mud of experimentation and failure. 

This was three months of planning classes, client assignments, presentations and improv class. 

It was about sacrifice and experimentation, cheap Trader Joe's wine and coffee shop research. 

It was about working with a Brazilian who barely spoke English who taught me to listen, understand and articulate. Rodrigo's now my best friend. 

Planning now gives me more freedom to fail while focusing 150% of my energy in one area. I can now do what I would do anyway . . . notice and connect disparate happenings in the world to tell a narrative that makes sense. Like this one time I included stories of Warren Buffett and Tim Riggins in a presentation to interest my teachers.

My favorite teacher made me look stupid as he showed us that the more we thought we knew, the more there was to know.

I left the school encouraged to blur the lines between departments as listening to everyone's ideas at all steps of the process helps the work.

A few of us pieced this (click here for link) together for anyone interested in the program. 

Following the program I freelanced, I was involved in side projects and took a one way ticket to London to find a job (click here for link).


Here I got my undergraduate degree in Marketing from the Isenberg School of Business.