I'm an aspiring VO actor. Click here for my reel. 


I printed and passed around a book called Sky Stories on an airplane to strangers willing to share their deepest secrets.



Two Miami Ad School creatives and I co-founded a non-profit ad agency called Classify Advertising (click here for link)

Classify gives Craigslist seller's belongings a heartbeat and voice again, transforming mundane ads into story-led and effective ones. 

The below press helped get us some great new clients. 


Huffington Post (click here for link)

Adweek (click here for link)

PSFK (click here for link)

Fast Co (click here for link) 

NPR (click here for link)



The co-founder and a small group of us help produce and build the brand of Lucid NYC (click here for link)

It's an event series with speakers that unites innovators and thinkers. It helps keep a pulse on how to solve real problems. Feel free to come by some time.