brand strategy


BBDO, Wolf & Wilhelmine, Ogilvy & Mather, Seven Bucks Creative, Barbarian, AnalogFolk, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, AKQA, The Concept Farm, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness


FedEx, International Rescue Committee, American Family Insurance, Foot Locker, Dubai Tourism, Guardian Insurance, Blink Fitness, ExxonMobil, Dwayne Johnson, Jägermeister, Verizon, Hilton, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


Brand positioning, communications strategy, mission statements, vision statements, product strategy, content strategy, journey mapping, campaign architecture, creative briefs/briefings, quant/qual research, naming, annual planning and the smaller brand strategy things in between

brand strategy

(experience by agency):


Here I worked on Success Academy, writing a brief for a 2020 campaign, journey mapping and, auditing current channel touch points to recommend a better user experience.

Ogilvy & Mather:

It was nice to be back at Ogilvy & Mather and working on IBM six years after being an account person there. Here, with five others, I sat in a small war room to work on a new business pitch for the security business unit, understanding the role the unit played in the broad architecture of the business, uncovering audience insights and doing desk research to understand the category of hacking and security.

Mass Appeal:

Rally Rd. is an online investment platform that lets you invest in very expensive items, like old-school cars. They asked for our help in establishing a positioning statement, vision statement, mission statement, experience principles, and strategic territories. This project was mostly independent/remote, with check-ins and initial meeting with the clients.


I was brought in to work on a privacy related project for Verizon. From stakeholder interviews and category analysis to experience principles and strategic territories, I worked on a small team to create the brief [and Nike work] [and IBM work].


Coming in for four weeks allowed me the opportunity to look back on the many many many strategy slides and creative thinking that had previously existed for Hilton, with the intention of identifying and subsequently filling in any gaps with either research the data/analytics folks had or helping them design research plan. All the while, after discovering that Hilton could take a bigger position in the hospitality space, I came up with potential brand strategy territories for the team to consider.


Guardian asked AnalogFolk to rethink the way it shows up in the digital world. I was lucky enough to be a part of the project that included market analysis (to see where Guardian fell within the category), designing a qualitative research plan from scratch in order to get acquainted with how people live their lives in the context of insurance, ultimately accumulating a narrative which became a north star for the brand. From there, worked closely with creatives to probe and propose various communications frameworks, and journey maps by mindset, in order to help the team design the online experience.

Seven Bucks Creative:

Dwayne Johnson and team wanted help coming up with names for his Under Armour clothing brand. I helped out with that. He was also coming out with a movie, Fighting with my Family, and while creative ideas were manifesting that were going to advertise the Hollywood film, I created a communications framework (barrier and message) that helped organize the creative ideas.  Lastly, I did some communications planning work, suggested when, where and how to launch his clothing brand through online video and his Instagram channel. 

Wolf & Wilhelmine

Oh what a wonderful place to be. Sit tightly in a small room of a small number of fellow strategists, we synthesized, analyzed and then reports insight back on dozens of booklets filled out by parents and teachers across America regarding their sentiment and secrets on the education system. The client was the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and we helped them learn and begin to design ways to improve the curriculum in the nation.

Barbarian Group:

This was for a pitch for Jägermeister. We had a client brief, there had been some loose creative ideas established, but there hadn’t yet been a response drafted to for the client’s request for proposal. My role was to not only think about how the brand could be a part of culture somehow, but bridge the gap between the client brief and creative work. The result was a written document inclusive of business strategy and creative strategy. 


I learned a lot about what it means to be a brand strategist here, working on everything from Starbucks and Mountain Dew to FedEx, International Rescue Committee and American Family Insurance. My time was spent writing a bunch of briefs for both traditional and digital work for American Family Insurance and International Rescue Committee, creating a brand book for FedEx, brand architecture work for FedEx, focus groups for Pepsi, insight mining for Mountain Dew, and more.

brand strategy

(experience by specialty):


Helped FedEx position itself as more than just a shipping company to a company that can compete with Amazon.

Helped American Family Insurance get to their “4 C’s” and encourage people to see the product as something proactive and not reactive.

Helped Starbucks take an at-home product, and an on-the-go product, and position them together in advertising.

Brand strategy:

Wrote briefs and briefed teams for FedEx, Foot Locker, Guardian Insurance, American Family Insurance, International Rescue Committee.

Insight mining in culture/company/consumer/category for FedEx, Mountain Dew, Guardian Insurance and more.

Uncovered white space opportunities for IBM to consider for their podcast.

Stakeholder interviews, category audit, experience principles and strategy behind Verizon’s redesigned privacy policy experience.

Communications strategy:

Helped design a communications plan for one of Dwayne Johnson’s movies, “Fighting with My Family”.

Helped design brand architecture and roll-out plan for FedEx.

Worked closely with CW and AD on Guardian Insurance, suggest various communications frameworks for site redesign.

Product strategy:

Participated in a brainstorm session/workshop for Mountain Dew as they continued their R&D phase for their beverage line.

Helped with thinking behind Blink Fitness app.

Worked on Verizon’s My Verizon App as we integrated five different applications into one home.

Content strategy:

Designed framework for how to promote documentary for Nike.

Experiential strategy:

Led brand strategy on a stunt/activation FedEx did for Mother’s Day to encourage people to send a gift home via FedEx Office.

Annual planning:

Contributed to the annual planning phase for both FedEx and American Family Insurance, from ideas to audience to media.


Contributed to a final list of potential names for Dwayne Johnson’s partnership with Under Armour.

Quantitative research:

Distilled dozens of completed workbooks into actionable insights/recommendations for Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Worked closely with FedEx data team to create, execute and synthesize a survey that went out to small biz owners.

Qualitative research:

Conducted and edited person-on-the-street interviews for Sun Chips.

Conducted and analyzed stakeholder interviews for Guardian insurance and Verizon.

Designed from scratch and then implemented and analyzed an online research community for Guardian Insurance.