I'm currently freelancing and open for gigs. I've most recently been at Barbarian Group and Wolf & Wilhelmine. 



Here I worked on FedEx, American Family Insurance, International Rescue Committee, Foot Locker, PepsiCo and Dubai tourism. When I wasn't at my desk, I was conducting man on the street interviews and doing voice overs in the studio. 



My curiosity for people and building community led me to becoming a barista at a local coffee shop in New York City. 



I was hired as the sole freelance Planner for a new business pitch. 

The highlights: through secondary research on the culture of big business in America and employee behavior within a large organization, my role was to develop and present the research, strategy, brief and communications plan.



Working on IBM helped me understand tech, innovation and the business to business world, where the what became a reward to the how and the why. 

The highlights: worked across IBM's Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud product offerings to develop digital, print and a branded app that proved to small businesses that IBM wasn't too large to work with. 

The idea of creating change using research, intuition and connecting the dots pulled me to strategy. I wanted to get closer to the human behavior and creative process, so off to Miami Ad School's planning boot camp I went. 



Here I worked on Humira where I managed strategy, creative and production. 

The highlights: positioning Humira as the #1 biologic when other treatments did not work, developing an unbranded patient advocate program to pair caregivers with patients, creating a customer relationship management communications stream to retain existing patients. 

I was an an Account Coordinator, an Assistant Account Executive and then an Account Executive.

This broke me into the industry where I learned about relationships, learning by doing and the impact creative should have on business. It was the start of years in account management that helped me understand the big picture of commercial creativity. It was the first time I worked with Planners.